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Corona reignites Pasta origin debate

While there are many controversies around the source and reason of coronavirus origin and spread, there is an interesting commonality between the story of pasta, which only a few know about and that of coronavirus COVID-19. The pandemic of COVID-19 started in China around November 2019 or even earlier, and many blame Chinese authorities for hiding it from rest-of-the-world till it started causing fatalities in a significantly large number. By then virus had already spread beyond the boundaries of China to many other countries through tourists and business travelers. Now that the virus has spread all over the world, countries are struggling to cope with the pandemic.

Corana virus followed same route

One such destination where the virus spread not only much faster than anywhere else but also started traveling though citizens is Italy. The virus which thus originated from China, Italians are being blamed for spreading that across the world. Even in India, especially, the first wave of COVID-19 coronavirus was first introduced by people traveling from China, which was quickly contained. However, the second and significant impact was caused by a group of 20 Italian tourists, out of which 12 were infected by coronavirus traveled many placed across India getting in contact with several people and infected them. The pandemic went out-of-control afterward. A similar story is heard from many countries which could not control the virus after its reach in Itlay due to an open border or uncontrolled travel of Italian citizens. Although this story of the coronavirus is the sad side of the story, the pasta story is not that sad.

Chinese root of pasta

Pasta is a well-known food item known as an Italian specialty. However, many researchers credit Chinese people the discovery of Parta, and their claim is well-substantiated by the documentary proofs. In the thirteenth century Pasta was introduced to Romans by the Chinese traveler Marco Polo. He documented this story of introducing the pasta in Italy upon returning from one of his trips to China in 1271. In chapter CLXXI of the “Books of the World’s Wonders”, Marco Polo makes a reference to the pasta in China. Although this claim is widely challenged by Italians as pasta is almost linked to their food identity.

Pasta is not the exception in the story of credit loss to another country. In the knowledge space, there are many things like Algebra, number system, Fibnocie series, which are invented by Indians, but others are wrongly credited for that. However, the story of the coronavirus is certainly not where Chinese or Italians would be excited to make a claim.

Given the state, it is safe to say that, while Chinese discovered pasta, Italians made it famous and now it is loved by everyone. Unfortunately, the story of coronavirus COVID-19 follows the same path but not be loved by everyone.

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