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Where is the Janlokpal Mr. Kejriwal?

Arvind Kejriwal came in power with the idea of implementing Janlokpal – a magic wand sold to aam aadmi of this country that, once it is there, no corruption will exist. Now after five years in power, neither the Janlokpal is there nor Arvind Kejriwal himself is talking about it. In his campaign, he talks of power is free, water is free, education is better. But what about the very core idea for which the Aam Adami Party (AAP) was established?

Like other political parties, Arvind Kejriwal led AAP after getting power gave up the promise to its people, the promise to implement Janlokpal. In fact, people and his volunteers were cheated at several levels. For the namesake, in the first year in power, he did talk about it but later stopped even that. To further worsen, he first weakened the internal Lokpal of the AAP by removing Admiral Ramdas, a former navy chief, as internal Lokpal in an “emergency” NE meeting to set up a new Lokpal panel. Party in its initial days and before getting in power claimed that transparency in Donations is the only way to clean up governance in India. However, this list was hidden after getting the power in Delhi, first as a broken link and then with the excuse that doners get harassed. On repeated occasions, his own party members and donors asked him to show the donor and donation list for the sake of transparency and got disappointed. One such disappointed NRI and active member of AAP in the initial days, Munish Raizada is running a campaign since then, asking AAP and Kejriwal to open the donor list.

Why no Janlokpal?

Once in power Kejriwal took all kinds of favors and benefits which he before 2015 was claiming that he will never take. This is the only broken promise evident to the outside world. However, not only excessive benefits offered to a CM were taken but also favors with corrupt intentions were taken both by himself directly and his MLAs. This resulted in many corruption charges in the end.
If a Janlokpal was there, these charges might have got investigated creating an uncomfortable situation for Kejriwal and his party. Knowing once in power, the entire idea of Janlokpal was first thing dropped by the party and Arvind Kejriwal.

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