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World celebrating, Happy #NoHijabDay! Are you?

Irrespective of which part of the world, the hijab has become an identity of Muslim women. While Muslim men dress like locals wherever they are, women are forced into wearing Arabic dresses. This is often publicized as there own wish by Muslim scholars, so-called liberals, and pseudo-intellectuals. However, now more and more Muslim women are coming out against this oppressive practice not only in the western world but also in countries like Iran where Islam is the main religion. The practice of wearing a hijab is and was not by a wish. Only due to the rise of the internet now the voices which were suppressed earlier are spreading out.

In the same line, Muslim women across the world celebrated Happy #NoHijabDay! It was one of the top trends on social media worldwide. However, the mainstream media to a large extent, blacked it out. Muslim women in many countries took the street to express their happiness in giving-up the hijab. The intiative was supported by some of the prominent human rights activist and advocates for the rights of women living within Islamic majority countries such as, Yasmine Mohammed from Canada and Maryam Namazie from Iran.

While a high number of women posted their pictures and own videos on social media, it was countered by Muslim men with some mainstream media clips where some Muslim cleric was preaching why its good to wear a hijab. The question lies in what men got to do with what the women are wearing! This exposes the extreme patriarchal nature of the Islam and criminal involvement of the mainstream media in the sustenance of this oppressive practice.

While more and more women are resisting to continue on this oppressive practice, there are many who are not so lucky. Many women, both in Islamic and well as western countries, face oppression and even get raped for not wearing the hijab. While that happens, it is defended by rationals like women showing sexuality have to be ready with such consequences if you wish to know more, search on social media #NoHijabDay.


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