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Teachers using innovative ways to fill classrooms in Chhatisgarh

Teachers in a government school in the Balrampur district in Chhatisgarh have come up with distinct and innovative ways of teaching their students that has resulted in an increase in the class sizes. The teachers at the primary school in Kogwar village are using different means to provide a good learning experience, like ensuring that students carry light bags. Moreover, they are taking the help of square and round blocks to educate the children.

Two years ago, two teachers started using the blocks to teach the names of days in a week, Mathematics, Hindi, English and other subjects. This method is used for classes first, second and third to ensure playful learning.
People in the village and authorities have praised the school for taking measures, which has led to an increase in the number of school-going children.

The District Collector also heaped praise on the school and the teachers and urged other schools to take up these measured to ensure effective learning.
“Such innovative ways of teaching are a motivation for students, and they are able to learn easily. In today’s age, when the burden of bags is too much, such steps are worthy are praiseworthy,” said Awanish Kumar Sharan, the DC. (ANI)

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