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Delhi Assembly or Kejriwal’s “Tau Ki Chaupaal”?

Image tweeted by Kapil Mishra

In a unprecidented event in Delhi Assembly today, MLA’s of Aam Aadmi Party openly beaten the AAP rebel Kapil Mishra. This happened when ex-AAP MLA Mishra demanded an open air Delhi assembly session and dared the AAP chief Arvind Kejriwal to come out clean on the allegations levelled against him. As ex-AAP MLA stood up, he was surrounded and heckled by many AAP MLAs on the floor of the house. While this all drama was going on, the Speaker of the house in a very partisan manner kept announcing “No one is being beaten” and only later summoned marshals to rescue Mishra and take him away. None of the AAP MLA’s were suspended for the act.

Delhi Assembly Kejriwal’s political platform

At several occasions Kejriwal and his MLA’s used Delhi Assembly as their political platform. AAP called a special session of Delhi assembly to demonstrate the hacking of a replica of an electronic voting machine on the floor of the assembly in bid to evade legal consequences. Earlier, Kejriwal called a special session of the Delhi assembly, to criticise demonetisation and urge President Pranab Mukherjee to direct the union government to immediately withdraw the “draconian demonetisation”. Similary, special session was called by Kejriwal to accuse Prime Minister Narendra Modi of receiving bribes based on so-called Birla and Sahara diaries. Overall, for AAP government the assembly is becoming a place where ego of few is more important than common good.

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