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The brave shall inherit the earth – Major Gaurav Arya

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Gen. Bipin Rawat, Chief of Army Staff of the Indian Army had predicted a violent summer, two months back. It is now unfolding before our very eyes. Yes, we had wished that the prediction would prove untrue, but then the general speaks with decades of experience. He also has on-demand access to technology and intelligence that most of us cannot even begin to imagine. A snap of the fingers and satellites begin to triangulate in deep space. A friendly phone call to Naval HQ, and a nuclear submarine starts transmitting data to his encrypted smartphone, via secure servers. A request to Air HQ sees AWACS (Airborne Warning & Control Systems) peek hundreds of kms inside Pakistan or China.

He controls highly trained Special Forces that can wreck absolute havoc deep inside Pakistan, even before that nation can wake up to morning tea. This I can personally vouch for, if that counts for anything. Para SF can do to Pakistan what Hanuman Ji did to Lanka when Ravana set his tail on fire.
For some mysterious reason this fearsome Katana remains in the scabbard; never used, but always alluded to. We are importing the latest weapon systems and missiles from Israel. Perhaps, we could ask them to send a little political will the next time.

It is also true that we find ourselves in this predicament with no one else to blame. It is we who are guilty of inaction, and when forced to act, of dubious action. We, a nation of 1.25 billion people, cannot find the resolve to handle a bunch of stone pelters. And we petition the world that we be invited to sit at the high table of the United Nations Security Council. We have allowed the infamous Red Corridor to thrive under our collective noses. We have permitted the Hurriyat to cock a snook at us, funding them lavishly for that one elusive day when they may proclaim to the world at large, that India is the better option for Kashmiris.

Till that day, we continue to pay a steep price. Soldiers are martyred, beheaded and humiliated. An entire region descends into Wahhabi-fuelled chaos. Children as young as five years of age are radicalized. Fighters loyal to ISIS start entering Kashmir. Army camps are attacked and soldiers killed in their sleep. An officer is kidnapped and murdered.
Our response? Shut off Internet services in the Valley. This can be one in a series of steps, but if this is your main weapon, you are clearly out of ideas. What’s the plan? That once you deny the terrorists their daily fix of social media, they will surrender in droves?
We are a weak state, and both Pakistan and China know this. Pakistan plays merry hell in Kashmir with a wink-and-nudge from China, and we do a spectacular nothing.

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