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1965 war veteran’s appeal to PM Modi

Respected Modi Ji,
Jammu and Kashmir is an integral part of India. The people of J&K are, therefore, citizens of India. Like any other Indian, they are also subjected to the provisions of law as applicable to each one of us. There cannot be separate rules and regulations governing persons belonging to different communities, religion or race or those residing in a particular region or state. The same is true for an anti-national whether he or she belongs to any part of the country. The law is absolutely clear that any person whose activities are detrimental to the sovereignty of the nation is an anti-national.

My simple submission to the Hon’ble Prime Minister is that why some people of J&K whose only credentials are anti-India are dealt with kid gloves? They not only openly align themselves with Pakistan but also provoke innocent youths of the valley to act against the law enforcement agencies. They are not only defying the government but are openly daring the government to act against them. Surprisingly, these goons of Hurriyat separatists and proponents of Pakistan are provided with armed protection by the State and, over and above, are treated as VVIPS. What signals are we giving to an ordinary citizen of the country? Well, Sir, we are really baffled.

I don’t know what were the compulsions of the previous governments to accord them such a status, but the ground realities are altogether different now. These goons have lost relevance in the present setup. Barring a few rotten eggs, all Indians are loyal citizens of this great nation. The people are wary now and want concrete action from the present government. Need not to emphasise that the people of this country have reposed full faith in you and are keenly looking forward to a positive response from you.

Sir, it is time to act as people have started having doubts about the capability of the government to handle the fast deteriorating situation in J&K. Everyday we are losing precious lives of our bravehearts. I have no hesitation in acknowledging that I do not have any standing to advise you on such a crucial matter, but being a concerned citizen I am apprising you of the sentiments of the people around me.

Rajinder Marwaha
1965 War Veteran

(Courtesy: Open letter on facebook by Rajinder Marwaha)

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