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Baba Ramdev’s Patanjali to generate electricity using bulls

Patanjali, so far know for Ayurvedic medicinal and FMCG product is now working on a unique form of renewable energy: Bull power.  The aim is to ensure that the animals don’t get sent to slaughter. The experiment is the brainchild of Balkrishna, managing director and primary stakeholder of Patanjali, and involves a leading Indian multinational automobile manufacturer and a Turkish partner.  So far with the research of over one and a half years on the idea to generate electricity with the aid of a bull’s pulling power has yielded initial success.  According to media reports, a prototype has been designed and is being tweaked to generate more electricity and, has managed to yield nearly 2.5 kilowatts of power.

Talking to an english news daily Economic Times, Ramdev’s aid Balkrishna told that, “We need to go back to the basics. In ancient times, bulls were used to ferry massive artillery. If their power is put to optimum use with the help of technology, they can be of tremendous use.” His idea is that, while in the morning the bulls can be used in the farms, in the evening they can be utilised for generation of electricity.”  At a time when more and more male bovines are being slaughtered, this may change the perception that they (bulls) are also very valuable.  Balkrishna clarified the move is aimed at aiding the poor who cannot afford electricity and to save the male bovines. “We are undertaking research as to how more watts of power can be produced with the use of bulls so that a farmer can use them to light his household. We are yet to achieve our desired goal(s) as far as production of large units of power is concerned” he said.

However, Patanjali won’t sell the power thus produced, said confirmed by a senior executive of the company. “The idea is to produce a design which can be provided to farmers, who already have bulls, for generation of electricity,” he said, adding that the power thus generated can be easily stored. The population of bulls is on the decline, said another official, accounting for less than 30% of the cattle population. If the trial turns out to be a grand success, it would ensure that bulls will be utilised than butchered.. In several news reports published in later 2016, it was also reported that Patanjali signed a memorandum of understanding with a Dutch company on a programme involving sex selection as its unique selling point, producing 92% female offspring. The programme, involving artificial insemination, is aimed at breed improvement so that fewer bulls are sent to slaughterhouses.

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