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Bahubali vs Others – Shikha Kaul

Let’s get it straight. I just do not get the comparison games trolling all around. Bahubali versus the entire film industry. No doubt the movie is a cult but it definitely doesn’t define the whole of Tollywood or Kollywood. We see bulk of junks from every industry, even from the South and I am not ignoring Bollywood too. Pardon me for using South, North or any other geography in this blog. It is unfortunate that we have grown up calling ourselves everything from Punjabi to Kashmiri to Tamil to Assamese to Hindu to Muslim to Sikh to Christian….but Indian.

So, coming back to the point. Yes, we are living in the world of quick cinema, but of late and even in the past, Hindi film industry has been creating some exceptional works too. Some of them have even won accolades, awards and recognition world over. Drishyam films is one such example. And if we are looking for comparisons with Bahubali, films by Bhansali Productions are live examples. Just that they have been unfortunate to have faced the wrath of some idiotic Indians who think they know History better, even without reading a single book all their lives. I know I just got carried away with my last statement but I mean it. So, as a writer, I love to play safe in the name of FICTION.

If you have seen Mughal-e-Azam, I am sure you will agree that even Bahubali is nowhere close to that ultimate classic. Wasn’t that Hindi cinema? That killer Madhubala smile, those extravagant sets, that shower of money to achieve the perfection in every possible minutest detail, that music that echoes even today? The magic created by Meena Kumari in Pakeezah was breathtakingly extraordinary and the songs added to the wonderment we love to see and listen to even after decades.

You will call me unfair of comparing an old classic with an our-generation work. But that’s where the point lies. Cinema is not only about extravaganza. It can work sometimes, but not always. So let’s not begin and end our cinematic excellence with Bahubali. There were many good films being made and there will be more good films made…even in Bollywood.

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