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An open letter to Kashmiri friends – Lt Col (Retd) Dikshit

They know in their hearts that J&K cannot secede from India – Neither India will allow it nor the world will accept another partition of India based on religious lines, jehadi ideology and sought through acts of terror.
These self centered Kashmiri ‘separatists leaders’ will continue playing their decades old game at the cost of your lives, education, aspirations and future of younger generations while they & their children get richer and wield political and economic power.
Dear Kashmiri friends, it is time to get real and question the motive of strife of past 70 years. Take your destiny in your own hands. Build your own future and future of Kashmir. Seek and demand Azadi :

  • Azadi from cunning immoral leadership of past 70 years.
  • Azadi from Pakistani manipulations.
  • Azadi from radical communal mullahs.
  • Azadi from illiteracy, unemployment & poverty.
  • Azadi from corruption.
  • Azadi from violence, death & destruction.

Promise yourselves to march on path to civilised, educated empowered, vibrant and evolved cultural living. Give yourselves and your future generations bright future by showing courage and rejecting an idea sold on medieval dictates, communal hatred and radical fundamentalist interpretation of religion. Wage jehad on wrong & mischievous interpretation of the great religion of Islam. Wage jehad against those who have fooled you for far too long, brought you miseries, unemployment & death.
Will you, my Kashmiri young friends, show courage and become masters of your own destiny?
Future can offer you a civilised peaceful, progressive and honourable life – Vale of Kashmir can be made a zannat once again but, for that to happen, you will need to decide now, be your own leaders, reject those who have misled & misused you for far too long, reform those who have got misled. Will you?

(Open letter posted by Lt Col (Retd) Priya Vrata Dikshit)

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