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An open letter to Kashmiri friends – Lt Col (Retd) Dikshit

Lt. Fayaz has left for heavenly abode – killed by a bunch of coward criminals who took advantage of him being unarmed, off duty & and on leave to attend cousin’s marriage.
You, my Kashmiri friends, men & women have to think very hard – do you wish to allow such criminals dictate your future?
Will these brainwashed immoral petty criminals killing at behest of Pakistani funded, trained & equipped terror merchants ever get you Azadi?

70 years is a long time during which you have been exploited and killed by your own people who massed wealth and acted as stooges of Pakistan. They fooled you in name of religion, by promising you Islamic caliphate, asking you to lay down lives & zannat in after-life yet destroyed the zannat you already had in the beautiful vale of Kashmir.
Do you know the entire wealth of Kashmir, whether got from Indian Govt or Pakistani military mafia, is concentrated in hands of just about 150 families – the ones who call themselves as ‘separatists’ or ‘jehadis’ or the ‘political class’. They have given you nothing except death & destruction. They have even conspired with Pakistani masters to get some well meaning Kashmiri leaders killed – Senior Lone and senior Mirwaiz are examples.

They have endured that Kashmiri get killed, either by Pakistani jehadis, or by Indian Security Forces by instigating you to come in their way & becoming gunfodder, or by even Kashmiris themselves. They too don’t want Azadi – ask Geelani or Syed Salauddin or Mirwaiz or even Asiya Andrabi what do they want – they will all give you different answers. Their definitions of Azadi are very different, primarily to fool Kashmiri youth and extract their pound of flesh – power & pelf from Indian Govt as also from Pakistani masters. They simply want the fire in Kashmir to remain burning and periodically fan fires little higher at behest of Pakistani & now even Chinese masters.

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