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Kumar, Amanatullah and classic game of self-serving: Mayank Gandhi

I saw the way AAP was functioning and was hoping against hope that it will soon realize that it was heading the wrong way and do course correction. I prayed that AAP loses badly, so that circumstances makes it see sense. It lost everywhere. My hopes rose that this shock loss may bring it back to its senses.
But what has happened since is unexpected and shocking!
After AAP lost miserably in Punjab, Goa and Delhi, it made some appropriate noises. Some papers of resignations were exchanged internally. No one from the coterie was sacked nor chastised. It was business as usual. I was sad. Was losing hopes.

Then I was pleasantly surprised when Kumar Vishwas took a stand in favor of serious introspection. Then the classic game that I had seen being used against Prashant and Yogendra began – some social media members started attacking Kumar Vishwas’ character in the worst possible manner. Amanatullah was mandated to attack Kumar as a RSS / BJP stooge and stage was set for hinting to Kumar that if he dared to go against the High Command, then his reputation will be spoiled.

I thought for a while that Kumar Vishwas will stand up for principles, but he catapulted. He settled for removal of Amanatullah and being made the Rajasthan in-charge. Yes, Rajasthan. Completely inconsequential. All talks about introspection are in cold storage and in just few days, Kejriwal has shown who is the boss, by reinstating Amanatullah. So Amanatullah has been given senior positions in the party, giving a sharp message to any one who has the temerity to speak against the Supremo.

So, Kejriwal stays as convenor as well as CM. All challengers have been vanquished within the party. Partymen are happy that there was no split. The country enjoyed the entertainment, but the genuine volunteers are pained at this episode. The icing on the cake is when AAP introspected that it lost because it was behaving like an Aam Aadmi and that it should behave more like MLAs from other parties. So, instead of going closer to the original principles of the party, it concluded that it should go further from them. My hopes from AAP are receding. It has become like any other party.

By the way, why so much love for Amanatullah Khan? Who is he and what is his background?

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