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Why liberals hate Baahubali?

Why so called liberals hate Baahubali? Their reasons range from obvious to ridiculous, but they are unanimous in their intense hatred for something so deeply and intensely loved by Indian masses. Baahubali is yet another case in which India’s cultural elite dominated by the left-liberal intellectuals and protected by Congress-communist eco-system stands against the people of the country, against their wishes and preferences. For the masses are head-over-heels in love with Baahubali; they love everything about it. They are swooning over the special effects, the picture perfect sceneries, the admirable characterization, the script, the action sequences and the general ethos of the film which is full of righteous chivalry. On the other hand, most left-liberals absolutely hate the film and are not hiding it. Some choose to keep quiet, some openly express their disgust. They are complaining about many issues, ranging from obvious to ridiculous. Shekhar Gupta is foaming at the mouth on the ‘portrayal of tribals’ in the movie. He accuses Baahubali of ‘shameful profiling’, pitting the city-dwellers against the tribals. On the other hand, the romance between Shiva and Avanthika has been described as nothing short of the ‘longest rape scene’ in India! (1) And these are the same people who virtually campaign for Sunny Leone! One has to ask the question: why does the Left react so strongly to a movie, and always in negative terms?

The Baahubali is Unabashedly Hindu

To borrow a term from my friend and the editor of this platform, Nithin Sridhar, S S Rajamouli’s Baahubali is unabashedly, unapologetically Hindu. It is! Baahubali – The Beginning sports a scene in which Prabhas as Shiva, uplifts a Shiva Linga and places it under the waterfall for its permanent Abhishekam. In a style which is so reminiscent of the deeds of Hanuman and many other characters in various Puranas, this scene makes the ethos of the film decidedly Hindu. It shows great reverence for the worship of Shiva Linga. It shows the panic of the devotees when the Shiva Linga is lifted by Shiva. It shows how Shiva, the character’s greatness is stamped and legitimized by his being able to uproot and lift a Shiva Linga and placing it under the water.

One cannot help but remembering the scene from The Ramayana where Shri Rama lifts and breaks the bow of Shiva to everyone’s surprise. It angers Parashurama who then challenges Rama to string the bow of Vishnu. Rama does that too convincingly proving his greatness as the true avatar of Vishnu. Shiva sports a Shiva Linga as an amulet, wearing it on his chest, much like many Indian sects like the Lingayats. The politics of Mahishmati reminds one unmistakably of The Mahabharata. Bhallaladeva is the elder brother who is unjustly occupying the throne, having killed his dharmic younger brother with deceit. One is reminded of Dhritrashtra and his sons unjustly throwing the Pandavas, sons of Dhritrashtra’s younger brother into exile and dethroning them of their rights to the rule of Hastinapura.

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