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“Headmaster’s sons” are new bank robbers in Kashmir

In the wake of the two robberies that took place here on Wednesday, Pulwama Superintendant of Police Rayees Mohammed Bhat revealed that preliminary investigation has established the involvement of the terrorist organisation Lashkar-e-Taiba (LeT). The demonetisation exercise has broken the backbone of black economy and also terrorist funding. After a shock of cash crunch, now the terror anagencies are trying to fund themself by attacking and looting financial institutions. “Until now, we have identified one militant each from Padgampora and Khagpura, which proves Lashkar’s involvement in the incident,” he said. “It is clear that militant organisations like these are short of cash. We have also seen that they now carry more advanced technological gadgets. We are continuing the investigation,” he added.

Gunmen today looted two banks, in separate incidents, in South Kashmir’s Pulwama district, within few hours. In the first case of robbery, a few masked gunmen barged into the Ellaquai Dehati Bank in Wahibug village of Jammu and Kashmir’s Pulwama district and looted Rs. 5 lakh. The second incident took place at the Nehama branch of the Jammu and Kashmir Bank. Two masked gunmen, earlier on Tuesday, had looted Rs. 65,000 from the same bank. A few days back, militants had opened fire at a cash delivery van of a bank in Kulgam, killing five police constables and two bank officials. The terrorists attacked the van when it was returning after dispensing cash to local bank branches. These terrorist activities are now not being covered by terrorist sympathesers in media. These robbers-cum-terrorists are in the linage of earler killed terrorist Burhan Vani, who was portrayed as a innocent misguided son of headmaster, and for which Indian Army was blamed of human right violations by the same people.

Earliar on April 28, alert security forces foiled a bid by two militants to loot a branch of the Jammu and Kashmir Bank (J-K Bank). One militant was arrested, while the other managed to flee. The incident happened when the bank’s Mehandi Kadal branch employees had gone to offer Friday prayers and the branch appeared to be closed.

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