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Time to twist the dragon’s tail: Major Gaurav Arya

Burhan Wani was killed because he was the head of the Hizbul Mujahideen, which is a terrorist outfit. Politicians in Kashmir regularly question the killing. They say that they would have spoken to Burhan and brought him back to the mainstream. Burhan became a militant at the age of 15 and by the time he has killed by 19 RR, he was about 22 years old. For 7 years, no Kashmiri politician spoke to him and no one asked him to join the mainstream. After he was killed, he became a political milch cow. Burhan alive was a migraine for security forces. Burhan dead is a treasure trove for separatists and Kashmiri politicians.

Now, they will, forever, milk his memory dry…for votes, for tears and for electoral sympathy.
On 8 July 2007, the Special Services Group (Pakistan Army Special Forces) stormed Lal Masjid in Islamabad. One of the casualties it suffered on that day was Lt. Col. Haroon-ul-Islam of the Zarrar Company (anti terrorism unit), who was killed in action by a sniper. He was a brave officer who led from the front and did not shirk from his duty even in the face of certain death.

Today, I remember the courage of Lt. Col. Haroon-ul-Islam. Had we met in war, we would have been enemies, sworn to kill each other. Yet, he is worthy of respect because he died in the line of duty.
I also remember Lt. Col. Haroon-ul-Islam because his own army forgot him. For this brave soldier, there was that almost perfunctory tweet from ISPR. For a terrorist like Burhan Wani, the Pakistan Army Chief sang praises and the whole Pakistani nation wept.

The death anniversary of a soldier and a terrorist fall on the same day, and Pakistan chooses to remember the terrorist. Such are a nation’s priorities. Such are our enemies.
What is happening on the Line of Control? Look carefully and you will see that without exception, all ceasefire violations are taking place along the Jammu axis. Naushera, Sundarbani, Bhimbar Gali, Krishna Ghati, Mendar, Poonch, Rajouri, Balnoi; all these areas where Pakistan Army regularly violates ceasefire are in Jammu. There is no ceasefire violation in Kashmir.

Here is what the situation is like. LoC along Kashmir has zero ceasefire violations, and terror attacks are very rare in Jammu. Srinagar and South Kashmir see stone pelting. Jammu has no stone pelting.
Pakistan deliberately wants to punish the population of Jammu, which it perceives is loyal to India. It wants to create a Hindu-Muslim divide in the Valley. Since Pakistan was created on the basis of religion, that is the extent of their imagination. Pakistan rarely thinks beyond religion. Or money.

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