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Time to twist the dragon’s tail: Major Gaurav Arya

RR started notching up kills. Over a period of time, the QR (Qualitative Requirement) of troops changed. Army Headquarters had perhaps got a clue to what Adjutants were up to. Soon, our best men started going to Rashtriya Rifles.
But the DNA of the force had, by then, been embedded in a different culture. Today, Rashtriya Rifles is a distinct force; part infantry and part special operations. They have their ears close to the ground. At any given time, a part of the force is rotating. There are always a substantial number of men who know the ground intimately. They have sources. They have eyes. They can smell. Rashtriya Rifles is the tip of the spear.

And then there is massive radicalization taking place in Kashmir. The gentle Sufi culture, the culture of shrines, is dead. Is has been centuries in the dying, but it was in the past decade that the last rites were read.
From the pulpit of the mosque, venom flows in Kashmir. When DSP Mohd. Ayub Pandith was lynched by a mob; venom was flowing from the pulpit. Every other day, indoctrination to the Wahhabi ideology is taking place from pulpit of mosques. Funds flow in from Saudi Arabia, that proselytizer of proselytizers. Pakistan diverts funds from its infrastructure, healthcare and education budgets to propagate a mindset in Kashmir, a mindset that is accepting of terror…terror from the pulpits.

The humble mobile phone is the tool that disseminates it. Hour after hour, fake news is generated and spread. A population, whose mind has been numbed by propaganda overload, has lost all capacity of sifting wheat from husk. Once the mind is accepting, it is easy to pass off Syrian mass graves as Kashmiri. When security forces surround terrorists, it is this mobile phone that comes to their aid. WhatsApp groups made for this very purpose are activated. Soon, a mob gathers at the site if the encounter.

The mullah and the mobile…that is the bane of Kashmir.

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