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The brave shall inherit the earth – Major Gaurav Arya

Especially heartbreaking is how some Indians, sometimes react on social media. I have been asked why the Indian Army is making such a fuss about the martyrdom of Lt. Umar Fayaz. Is it because he was a Muslim? Why did the Army not conduct candle light vigils when other soldiers were martyred? These questions speak of a petty mind, a mind devoid of knowledge, experience and common sense. I did not want to dignify such questions by answering them; but keep quiet and those who are devoid of common sense and heart start assuming they are right. They must be countered.
The Indian Army does not organize candlelight vigils or marches. It has never organized a single such event in over 200 years of its history, and shows no inclination towards organizing such an event in the near future. The Indian Army did not organize the said candlelight vigil/ march on 13 May 2017 at India Gate.
Shaheed Lt. Umar Fayaz was from the Rajputana Rifles, or Raj Rif as it is commonly called in the Army. The Raj Rif regimental center is in Delhi. A lot of Raj Rif veterans have settled in and around Delhi. This is true for many veterans from other regiments, as well.
Another unique factor was that Lt. Umar was kidnapped and murdered, while he was on leave. He was unarmed when he was murdered. To kill an unarmed man is not something that the Indian Army can understand or digest. It has never happened in the history of Operation Rakshak in Jammu & Kashmir. This led to a whole lot of rage within the army. You can’t murder an unarmed brother officer in cold blood and then assume that there will be no repercussions.
They killed Lt. Umar because it is stories like him that can change the narrative in Kashmir. Because in a place like Kashmir, Umar is not just a young man wearing Olive Green. He is a philosophy. He is an alternative. He tells the young what it means to be an officer in the Indian Army, and what it means to stand at “saavdhan” inside the Khetrapal Auditorium at IMA and sing “Jana, Gana, Mana”. Because when an Umar becomes Lt. Umar, he does not speak about “azaadi” and Burhan Wani. He speaks about his unit, his regiment, the Flag, the Constitution and the Anthem. It is okay to be Umar. But when you become Lt. Umar, you are on collision course with Jihadi ideology.
Lt. Umar was dangerous. He was changing the thinking of people…telling them that India was their Mother and disloyalty to Mother India was blasphemy. For the very survival of those who seek to harm India, Lt. Umar could not be allowed to live. So, they hatched a cowardly plot and kidnapped him at gunpoint when he was sitting at his sister’s wedding.
Delhi is home to an entire spectrum of media houses. And, Noida, Gurgaon, Ghaziabad, Faridabad and Greater Noida surround Delhi. Veteran communities are very active in these areas.
A few veterans started off the candlelight march. I was asked to support the march, which I did. The news spread through ex-servicemen networks and soon, I heard of veterans renting buses to come to Delhi. They came from Sonipat, Rewari, Panipat, Bhiwani and Jind. This is the Jat and Ahir belt of Haryana. These semi-arid lands have, for generations, given birth to warriors who drew a line of blood from Ghazni to Burma and from Flanders to Dograi. These lands have also given us the legend of Rezang La.
These are “Fauji” belts. Almost every home has a veteran. Or a story.

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