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D Raja’s daughter insults Hindu Gods….No outrage!

A video has emerged on social media and youtube in which the daughter of Communist Party of India (CPI) leader D Raja’s daughter Aparajitha Raja, is seen mocking and abusing Hindu Gods Durga and Parvathi. In this video she said that, the Hindu Gods look like devils and how could one pray such demon looking Gods. Not understanding the real meaning of hypocracy she went on to say that it is a hyprocracy that millions of people follow and practice such Gods! In her uninvited speech she insulted the sentiment of millions of hindus, but no media will ever highlight the maleficence, as in our country mocking Hindus and their belief is supposed the birth right of secular and so-called liberals.

It is a very common agenda of the Communist party to mock Hindus and Hindu Gods from decades. The ideology of the left parties has always been against the National interest in the name of freedom of speech and expression. Former MHRD minister Smriti Irani told in parliament that how these communist party leaders in JNU campus celebrate Mahisasur Martyrdom Diwas and used exremely offensive misogynistic langugae for Goddress Durga.  Out of their depraved mentality they have even openly supported the naxals and Maoist activities in India and even spoken against the Indian Army on many occasion.

This is not the first time Aparajitha Raja has insulted Hindus and India, but she has been very active in giving hate speeches on such topics in JNU. She was in the same gang who chanted anti India slogans in JNU last year supporting terrorists Afzal Guru and Yakub Menon and thereafter  was also booked under IPC section 124A, 120B, 147 & 149 for sedition charges, rioting and criminal conspiracy. She had also called the Indian army murders of innocents. She never spoke a word condemning Pak sponsored terrorist who brutally murdered our jawans in Uri and Pathankot attack, but was first to demand punishment of army for using pellet guns against stone pelters.

Listen to her shameless words!

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